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Using Orchid Colors to Convey Your Feelings

February 14, 2011

On Valentine’s Day we imbue our gifts with special meaning. The type and color of flower we give our loved ones convey a secret message that symbolizes our. Exotic and graceful, orchids have always symbolized love, beauty and strength. The Ancient Greeks also believed that orchids imparted virility. Pregnant women believed that feeding their husbands large orchid tubers would ensure the birth of a boy. If the pregnant woman consumed small tubers, the baby would be a girl.

During the Victorian Era, when the expense of shipping orchids from the Far East to Europe was extravagantly expensive, orchids came to symbolize luxury and could only be afforded by the extremely wealthy. Today, orchids continue to be prized for their exotic beauty and still serve as a symbol of love, but they are no longer the sole purview of the wealthy. Conveniently available at local garden centers and grocery stores, Just Add Ice Orchids are easily within the price range of even cash-strapped college students.

On Valentine’s Day we now use orchid color to express our secret feelings when we give someone we love a Just Add Ice Orchid. Available in every color of the rainbow except true blue, Phalaenopsis Orchids are the perfect medium for expressing our love.

Use these color suggestions to choose the perfect Just Add Ice Orchid for your sweetheart:

  • Pink symbolizes femininity, grace and gentility.
    Purple, the color of royalty, connotes dignity, respect and admiration.
    Red whispers of passionate desire. The color of strength and courage, red is a hot color filled with energy.
  • White is the color of sweet innocence, symbolizing reverence and humility.
  • Yellow is a happy color; the color of joy and the traditional symbol of friendship.
  • Orange is enthusiastic, bold and proud.
  • Green brings the blessings of nature and brings health and good fortune.

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