Summer Haiku Series. Week 5 Chance to Win!

Summer Haiku Series. Week 5 Chance to Win!
Just Add Ice Summer Haiku Series

Congratulations to Rebecca Kam!

Give me an orchid
And I will give you one too
Best buds me and you!

Your Orchid Haiku received the most votes and a FREE Just Add Ice Orchid is coming your way!

Are you ready for your next chance to win? This week's Haiku topic is "Enjoy".

Submit your "Orchid inspired" Haiku in the comments below. On July 8, five Haikus will be randomly selected from all of the entries for this week and will be posted on the Just Add Ice blog, where individuals will get to vote for their favorite Haiku. The Haiku with the most fan votes each week will be selected as the winner of one phalaenopsis Just Add Ice Orchid. Make sure you are signed-up for this contest!

Looking for more information on our Summer Haiku Series? Visit our Contest page.