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There's an Orchid Color for Every Occasion

November 20, 2012

As a decorator or a gift-giver, you can find an orchid to complement nearly any occasion. The novice-friendly Phalaenopsis species is a particular favorite, thanks to its easy care.

The vast range of orchid colors gives you plenty of options, but you can also easily narrow your choices to meet particular needs.  


As a part of wedding décor, orchids provide an extra measure of beauty and elegance. Display them in pots or vases on the reception tables and you’ll be ensured that your guests will want to compete to take home the centerpiece. White phalaenopsis orchids are a natural fit for weddings. Pale pink and lilac orchid colors also work well for traditional weddings. If you’re going for something more edgy, choose a phalaenopsis in hot red or flirty pink.

Housewarming/hostess gift

What better way to start off a new homeowner or say “thanks” for hospitality than with the gift of nature? Orchid colors come in such variety that you can never go wrong. But you can show a more playful side by choosing vivid fuchsia or vibrant yellow. You can be equally creative with the planter, choosing a nontraditional one made of everything from a vintage jar to a wooden tool box.

Get well

Brighten up a patient’s day with hypoallergenic orchids that radiate health and happiness. A calming salmon or peaceful white orchid is a good option for your recipient. Adding to the benefit is the easy care of these durable flowers. As Just Add Ice Orchids reminds you, just three ice cubes a week is enough to keep your plant properly hydrated.

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