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A Good Reason Why a Phalaenopsis Orchid Has a Leaf that Turns Yellow

July 3, 2013

yellow orchid leafDespite their gentle appearance, Phalaenopsis orchids are actually quite hardy and forgiving when minor mistakes are made to their care.

Why Is My Orchid Leaf Turning Yellow?

One of the questions that often arise among Phalaenopsis orchid owners is “Why is my orchid leaf turning yellow?” There are multiple factors that could contribute to the change in color, but don’t always assume that a yellowing leaf is a sign of something bad.

It is not uncommon for the bottom leaf, or an older leaf, on the Phalaenopsis orchid to turn yellow. As the natural part of the orchid life cycle, an older leaf at the bottom will turn yellow and begin to wither away. This leaf can be left to die at its own pace instead of being removed, as shedding the leaf itself will allow the orchid to naturally seal off the area where the leaf once stood when it eventually falls off.

Can I Remove the Dying Leaf?

If you cannot stand looking at a yellow, dying leaf, another option for orchid owners is to use a clean cutting tool to remove the leaf. A clean cutting will also ensure that no disease is spread to the orchid. Many orchid owners then apply cinnamon to the area that is cut as an additional means of protection to prevent potential infection from occurring on the plant.

Why Does an Orchid Leaf Die?

The dying off of an older leaf occurs in order for new leaves to appear. The new leaf growth is the beginning of what is next to come…new blooms! So, having the bottom leaf die off naturally is a good sign of a healthy orchid that is preparing for healthy new growth.

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