Let DIY Paper Orchids Decorate Any Package

Materials Needed: Orchid Template, X-Acto Knife, Cutting Mat, Aleene’s Tacky Glue or Glue Dots, Scissors, Ribbon, Gift Box

1. Orchid Template


Print out the orchid template. The purple orchid template can be found here. The white orchid template can be found here.

2. Cut


Once printed, use the X-Acto knife and cutting mat to cut out the orchid pieces. Scissors can also be used in place of the X-Acto knife. However, an X-Acto knife can give a cleaner cut and get into small corners. To make the orchid more life-like bend each individual orchid piece; roll all petals towards the middle, as well as the sides of the throat of the orchid, as shown above.

3. Glue


Using Aleene’s tacky glue or glue dots (similar to double-sided tape), piece the orchid together. Do this by placing a dot of glue, or glue dot, in the center of the three-petal piece and attach the two-petal piece, holding the pieces together for 20 seconds to make sure they stay attached. Finish it off by adding a dot of glue, or glue dot, in the middle of the two-petal piece and attaching the throat of the orchid on top, again holding the pieces together for 20 seconds.

4. Gift


Once the paper orchids have dried, tie a ribbon around the gift box.


On the top of the box, arrange the paper orchids before gluing.


Once the layout of the orchids has been determined, use Aleene’s tacky glue to paste the paper orchids onto the gift box.

5. Give


No matter what gift you're giving, having it packaged inside your hand-made orchid box will surely make it a gift to remember. You can always add that little something special by incorporating a real mini orchid into the gift, as well.


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