Help Your Plant Thrive With This DIY Orchid Terrarium

Orchids are tropical plants that thrive in humid environments. A terrarium traps humidity, which will help your orchid grow. (Plus, it’s a great way to showcase your plant!)

Making an orchid terrarium is simple. All you need is an orchid, a deep glass container, some river rocks, paper towels, twigs and moss. We recommend using sheet/green moss and sphagnum/Spanish moss.

Follow these easy steps.

1. Add Rocks.

DIY orchid terrarium rocks

Start with a clean glass container and add a layer of river rock to the bottom.

2. Add Sphagnum/Spanish Moss.

Orchid terrarium moss

Add a layer of sphagnum/Spanish moss, which adds color to the terrarium. Remove your orchid from its original decorative pot and place it in the center of the container. Keep the orchid in the plastic grower pot when potting. The plastic grower pot allows the orchid to remain in the environment it was potted in, sphagnum moss. If desired, plant other greenery around the orchid in the terrarium.

3. Add More Moss.

Add a layer of sheet/green moss to keep your orchid in place and to finish off the terrarium.

4. Spruce It Up!

Orchid terrarium gnome

Add accessories, such as twigs or this garden gnome. Continue to follow watering instructions for your orchid. Enjoy!



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