Phalaenopsis Orchids Make the Perfect Holiday Hostess Gift

Phalaenopsis Orchids Make the Perfect Holiday Hostess Gift

The first of the end-of-the-year holidays is fast approaching. Most of us take advantage of the holidays to visit distant relatives and catch up with old friends. We gather the family for sumptuous meals, tree-trimming parties, caroling or the lighting of Hanukkah candles. Neighbors host potluck gatherings, and offices plan dressy parties. The weekend calendar fills quickly at this time of year. The three-and-a-half weeks until Thanksgiving will whiz by, followed quickly by the gallop through December toward Christmas and the final parties on New Year’s Eve. In the next two months, most Americans will do more visiting and partying that they do during the entire rest of the year.

When we gather to enjoy someone’s hospitality, it’s tradition to bring along a small gift to thank our hostess for her hospitality. A bottle of whiskey or a box of candy used to bring an appreciative smile from hostesses when guests walked through the door, but such gifts are no longer apt to be appreciated.

Obesity is rampant in the U.S. and a fair number of people are struggling to stick to healthier diets. Calorie-packed goodies add an unwanted temptation that calorie-conscious hostesses won’t appreciate. For the growing number of people who live with the threat of diabetes or heart disease, our longtime gift-giving standards are not merely inappropriate, they can be life threatening. It’s time to update our old standbys and come up with some unique, new hostess gift ideas.

Stunning and easy-to-care-for Just Add Ice Phalaenopsis orchids make an ideal hostess gift that is certain to be cherished and enjoyed throughout the holiday season and for years to come. Phalaenopsis orchids easily tolerate both home and office environments, won’t bulge the waistline and are a joy to look at. Look for them at your local garden center now.