Just Add Ice Orchids Make Delightful Easter Gift

Just Add Ice Orchids Make Delightful Easter Gift

Lilies are the flower most associated with Easter, but if you’re looking for a unique Easter gift, Just Add Ice Orchids are the perfect choice. Easy to find at local retailers, Just Add Ice Orchids come in a stunning array of colors and many exotic variations that are sure to please both first-time orchid recipients and long-time Just Add Ice Orchid fans.

With large, gracefully-curving petals strung along slender arching stalks, Phalaenopsis Orchids make an elegant display when used to decorate the Easter table. Whether displayed singly or in groups of 2 or 3, Just Add Ice Orchids are stunning enough to command attention but delicate enough not to overpower or detract from Easter table decor. White moth orchids are a perennial favorite but consider combining bright pink, yellow, purple or spring green orchids with colored eggs and china bunnies for a charming Easter table or entry display.

Any hostess will be delighted to receive a Just Add Ice Orchid. A unique hostess gift that’s far from ordinary, these orchids thrive with minimal care, making them the perfect choice for novice orchid growers. Cut flowers and potted lilies will fade in a week or two, but Just Add Ice Orchids will provide months of beautiful blooms, continuing to remind your hostess of your appreciation long after other flowers have faded away.

Their beauty, sturdiness, low maintenance and long bloom period also make Just Add Ice Orchids a delightful choice for a hospitalized friend or elderly relatives who live in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Phalaenopsis Orchids require little space or care but provide months of joyful pleasure.