Just Add Ice Orchids Make Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Just Add Ice Orchids Make Perfect Father’s Day Gift

With Father’s Day (Sunday, June 19) right around the corner, the perennial shopping complaint is being muttered across the breadth of America: Why is it that moms are easy to shop for and dads are hard? Dads always seem to get the brunt of gift-giving occasions. Not only do people spend less money on gifts for dad than they do on gifts for mom; but gifts for dads always seem to fall into the same five tired categories:

  1. Tools,
  2. Sports equipment,
  3. Electronic gadgets,
  4. Auto accessories, and
  5. Shirts and ties.


On Father’s Day, handy guys get a new drill or socket set. Golfers get golf balls. Fishermen get new lures. Gadget guys get a new iPhone cover or iPod ear buds. (You’d love to give your dad the latest electronic toy, but odds are he already bought it for himself.) Motor heads get a jar of special car wax. Businessmen get a new shirt and tie -- or sometimes just the tie! Think about the things you’ve given your dad over the years. A bolt of creative inspiration may have struck once or twice when you came up with a dynamite gift that truly surprised your dad ; but most Father’s Day gifts fall into the ho-hum category.

This year, it’s time to think outside the box. Forget the standard Father 5 and give your dad a stunning Just Add Ice Orchid for Father’s Day. In America, we don’t often think of giving men flowers, but the majority of history’s great gardeners have been men. Nature’s beauty is gender blind. Men are as attracted to a gorgeous Phalaenopsis Orchid as women. Your dad will be presently surprised this year when, instead of another boring tie, you present him with a stunning Just Add Ice Orchid this Father’s Day.