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How to Fertilize Your Just Add Ice Orchid

June 23, 2011

Regular applications of fertilizer will keep your Just Add Ice Orchid strong and healthy. However, it’s important to use the right fertilizer and correct amount of fertilizer to avoid inadvertently damaging your orchid. Fertilizing your orchid too frequently or with too powerful a mixture of fertilizer can cause your plant to fail.

Phalaenopsis Orchids grow long stems that support multiple large blossoms. While stunning, all that beautiful growth takes a lot of energy. Heavy feeding with a correctly-balanced liquid fertilizer is necessary to replace lost nutrients and provide the orchid with the additional energy it needs to reach full growth and begin to bloom. As a rule of thumb, Just Add Ice Orchids should be fertilized once a week from spring through early fall to help them build up the nutrients they will need to create new growth and buds. After your Just Add Ice Orchid has finished flowering, usually from sometime in the fall through winter, fertilizing should be decreased to once a month. Decreasing fertilizer feedings keeps necessary nutrients replenished while allowing the plant to rest and re-energize in preparation for a new growth and blooming cycle.

When fertilizing Just Add Ice Orchids, use a balanced houseplant fertilizer mixed to half strength with water. Skip ice cube watering on the days you apply fertilizer. To fertilize, place your orchid plant in the sink and make certain the drainage holes in the pot are exposed. Pour mixed liquid fertilizer into the pot, taking care not to pour the fertilizer solution directly on any leaves as this can burn and damage them. Gently lift up leaves or use a small-spouted watering to safely pour fertilizer under the plant’s leaves. Keep pouring fertilizer solution until it begins to run out of the drainage holes. Allow to drain thoroughly.