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Why Is My Just Add Ice Orchid Losing Buds or Flowers?

October 21, 2011

Sometimes orchid bud or flower loss indicates a problem with your plant’s environment, but it can also be a sign that your Just Add Ice Orchid is entering a natural period of dormancy. Dormancy is a normal part of a Phalaenopsis orchid’s life cycle. Producing flowers requires tremendous amounts of energy. Most flowering plants, including Just Add Ice Orchids, require a period of rest between blooming periods. Called dormancy, this period of inactivity provides your Just Add Ice Orchid plant with a necessary opportunity to rest and replenish the nutrients and energy that will enable it to bloom again.

During dormancy, your Just Add Ice Orchid will lose its blossoms. Like its flowers, any unopened buds will also fall off the stem, leaving it bare. The leaves at the base of the plant will remain green, but they will flatten out somewhat, at the same time losing their sheen and bright green color. Although the leaves of your orchid will remain green, they will have a dull, dusty green appearance.

When your Just Add Ice Orchid enters its dormant phase, it will still need to receive adequate sunlight and humidity. You should also continue to water your orchid plant with 3 ice cubes once a week. If you have more than one Just Add Ice Orchid, do not be surprised if each plant enters dormancy at a different time. Like people, each Just Add Ice Orchid is individual and moves to the beat of its own drum. Staggered blooming and dormancy periods will allow you to enjoy the beauty of your Just Add Ice Orchids a little longer.