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How to Dress Your Orchid Spike During Dormancy

February 17, 2012

There comes a time in the life of every Just Add Ice Orchid when the final blossom falls and all that’s left of your gorgeous Phalaenopsis orchid is a naked spike. When this occurs, your orchid has not died; it has simply entered a state of dormancy. Dormancy is a natural period of resting that all flowering plants go through while they replenish the nutrients needed for their next blooming. To keep your Just Add Ice Orchid healthy and encourage it to bloom again, you should continue to water your orchid with 3 ice cubes once a week and fertilize it once a month. (For complete instructions, see our orchid care article on How to Trigger Reblooming.)

Without their brightly-hued blossoms, orchids are not at their most attractive during dormancy. They do retain their green leaves, but leaves lose some of their luster and tend to flatten during dormancy. Rather than condemning their orchid to a spare room, many Just Add Ice Orchid owners “dress” their orchid during dormancy. Dressing your orchid allows you to enjoy your orchid year-round. Keeping your orchid in sight will also help you remember to water and fertilize your plant while you keep an eye out for the beginning of a new flower spike.

Here are a few suggestions for “dressing” Just Add Ice Orchids:

  • Purchase a stem of silk Phalaenopsis orchids at a craft store and stick it in your orchid pot, taking care not to pierce the leaves or roots of the plant. Remove the silk “impersonator” when a new spike appears.
  • Incorporate the pot of orchid greens into a larger display featuring 5 or more pots (or small baskets) containing different types of succulents or a variety of green plants. Create an internal landscape by combining plants with different colors and textures.

Photo by: Morgamic