More Tips for Taking Gorgeous Orchid Photos

More Tips for Taking Gorgeous Orchid Photos


On our website you'll find many great ideas on how to display Just Add Ice Orchids in your home or office. You’ll also find suggestions for using Phalaenopsis orchids to add elegance to weddings and special events. We hope our photo tip blogs inspire you to snap a few pictures of your favorite Just Add Ice Orchids.

Creating beautiful photos of your Just Add Ice Orchids isn’t difficult, but there are a few tricks to photographing flowers. To help you snap pictures like a pro, follow these tips and see our previous post for additional tips:

  • Focus is important. At normal settings, digital cameras focus on a large area that can cause close-up objects to look blurry. For orchid photos, switch your camera to spot-focus mode. Most digital cameras now come with a variety of pre-programmed settings, including one for close-ups. A flower icon is often used to designate this mode, but you may have to haul out your manual to find the close-up setting on your camera. It’s worth the trouble. Using spot focus, you’ll get gorgeous, clear photos when you zoom in on your orchid.
  • Experiment with perspective. Try photographing your orchid from various angles. You can create dramatic photos by crouching down and shooting up at your orchid or standing on a chair and looking down.

Now that you’re armed with plenty of orchid photo tips, take a moment to capture your Just Add Ice Orchids in all their glory and share them with our Facebook community. We can’t wait to see your orchid pictures!

Photo credit: Peter Nijenhuis