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Orchid Colors: What a Choice!

August 7, 2013

orchid colorsIs classic white the way to go? Or is multicolor zing your thing? Choosing orchid colors for your home or workplace is an art unto itself. With its dozens of species and hybrids, the popular Phalaenopsis is an easy-to-grow, hardy orchid that comes in a wide array of hues and patterns.

White and White-Variations

For sheer adaptability to nearly any indoor environment, white orchids have little equal. Within the Phalaenopsis specie—also called the “moth orchid” because of the flowers’ moth-like wing appearance—orchid colors are set off of the white “wings.” You may see a blast of red inside the bloom, for instance, or a subtle yellow – ideal for matching specific room colors. 

Deep Hues

Many Phalaenopsis varieties' vivid colors are good for drawing the eye toward a specific part of a room. Place it centrally in the living room, for instance, so that guests gathered around have a clear view of the plant. In the office, position a deep salmon or purple orchid near a presentation area or anywhere you want the eyes of clients or employees to land. 

Crazy Patterns

Variegated moth orchids nearly resemble the markings of a giraffe. Or maybe you prefer the leopard-spotted vanda. Such wild ‘n’ crazy patterns aren’t for every décor, but the paint-spattered look can work perfectly to make a more cutting-edge statement.

Selecting the best orchid colors is often a combination of thoughtful consideration of the décor – and that “gotta have it!” feeling when you happen upon an unusually engaging specimen.

Check out our Photo Gallery to see more pictures of a Phalaenopsis orchid’s various color options.