3 Ways to Use Mini Orchids for Your Next Sorority Event

3 Ways to Use Mini Orchids for Your Next Sorority Event

If you’re a sorority member, you probably already know how important it is to be creative. With so many events, special occasions and reasons to celebrate your sisters, it’s easy to get bogged down in the same old decorations and activities. Luckily, mini orchids offer the perfect solution to add a unique touch to your upcoming semester of Greek life

Here are three ways to use mini orchids to add spark to your sorority events this year.

1. Hand Out Orchids During Rush Week

Want your sorority to stand out from the rest at Greek fairs and rush week events? One way to make sure prospective pledges remember you over any other sorority on campus is by giving them a mini orchid of their very own. Spend some time decorating the pots with your sorority’s letters and then pass out mini orchids to interested pledges. The exotic and perfectly dorm-sized plants are sure to make an impact on freshmen working to narrow down their choices for going Greek.

2. Host a Luau 

Decorating your sorority house with mini orchids can bring some tropical flair to your next luau-themed event. Place a trio of minis on a silver tray for an elegant centerpiece or place mini orchids of all different colors around the house to really give your event an exotic feel. You can even stage a craft station where party guests can decorate their own orchid pot with markers, paint pens, ribbons and gemstones to keep as a favor. 

3. Start a Tradition With Your Little Sisters 

Giving a mini orchid as a pledge gift to your little sister is a great way to start a new tradition. Even better, keep a plant for yourself, too, so you and your little sister can learn about the best ways to care for an orchid together. Since orchids can re-bloom for years to come, you and your little sister can continue to bond over caring for your plants together while you’re in the sorority. Next year, your little sister can follow the same tradition with her little sister and, before you know it, orchids will be a connecting thread for your entire sorority “family.” Don’t forget to remind one another to follow the foolproof water method!  

Since a new year of parties, pledges and community involvement is just around the corner, don’t wait to order your sorority’s supply of mini orchids. Click here to check out our wholesale options. 

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