5 Big Reasons to Buy Mini Orchids

5 Big Reasons to Buy Mini Orchids

Mini orchids are as gorgeous and as versatile as full-sized orchids. Also, aren’t miniature versions of things so darn cute in general? That’s why when you see a puppy, kitten or baby, it’s nearly impossible to keep a smile from spreading across your face. Mini orchids are no different.

Don’t believe us? Check out these five big reasons why you should invest in a mini Phalaenopsis!

Brighten Up a Space with Mini Orchids, No Matter the Size

These pint-sized Phals pack a lot of punch, especially when it comes to versatility. A mini orchid can liven up a small space, like a desk, or you can group several mini orchids of similar colors to fill a much larger space, like on your dining or living room table. You can also add a touch of flair to your little orchid by personalizing its pot.

Less is More

Just Add Ice Orchids are beautiful and easy to care for. Our minis require even less work than their full-sized counterparts. They require only one ice cube a week, compared to three cubes per week for our larger plants. Minis also require less fertilizer and less potting medium than larger Phals.

An excellent Introduction to Orchids

Unlike cut flowers that quickly perish, the gift of a mini orchid will last a long time. Giving friends or loved ones mini orchids is also a great way to introduce them to the beauty of the orchid world, even if they don’t have a green thumb. Your gift could easily inspire someone to become an orchid enthusiast!

Potting Medium that is Attractive and Functional

Larger orchids use larger, bulkier medium, like pine bark, to help aerate its roots. But mini orchids are too small for this type of medium. Minis come in a pot with sphagnum moss. The decorative, lush green hue of the moss really pops against the bright and colorful orchid bloom and maintains the ideal amount of water for your orchid.

Create an Indoor Magical Garden with Mini Orchids

Terrariums are contained self-maintained eco-systems that do not require much care because they recirculate oxygen, carbon dioxide and moisture. And while terrariums are small, they leave a lasting impression. Colorful mini orchids can really brighten up the normal greenery of a terrarium. Add some stones and ferns for added texture and balance. You can give a terrarium as a gift or create one for yourself.

Mini orchids are every bit as gorgeous and as versatile as full-sized orchids, and owning one of these small beauties comes with its own benefits. Mix and match our minis with our full-sized orchids for a display that is every bit as beautiful as it is dramatic.