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5 Ideas to Decorate With Orchids This Fall

October 14, 2014

When planning how to decorate your home for the fall season, your orchids probably aren’t the first décor item that comes to mind. Though they may not be typically incorporated into fall decorations, the right orchid arrangement can add unique fall flair to your home.  

Here are our five best orchid decorating ideas for fall. 

Embrace Autumn Colors

Did you know Just Add Ice® Orchids come in rich fall colors? As we wave goodbye to the whites, pinks and light purples of summer, look for the deep magentas and burnt oranges of fall. Simply purchasing a fall-colored orchid is enough to give your mantelpiece an October makeover. 

Decorate with Gourds 

Create a unique centerpiece with a fall colored orchid and some decorative gourds. You can usually find artificial gourds this time of year at craft stores. Alternatively, visit your local farmer’s market to purchase miniature pumpkins and different types of squash. Play around with arranging your gourds and orchid in a display basket or large vase. 

Get Spooky

With Halloween just around the corner, you can incorporate your fall colored orchids with your favorite spooky decorations. Drape your pots lightly in fake spider webs or match your fall colored orchid to your favorite Halloween wreath. You can even “dress up” your orchid pots with some fun holiday fabric. 

Carve a Pumpkin Vase

Rather than sticking a candle in your carved pumpkin, place your orchid inside and allow the pumpkin to act as a vase. Make sure you keep your orchid inside its clear plastic grower pot and continue your weekly watering routine. Also, place your pumpkin in a room where your orchid still gets enough natural light. 

Fill a Vase With a Fall-Themed Garland

With just a hurricane vase, colorful garland and a few spare minutes, you can create a beautiful fall presentation for your orchid to thrive throughout the season. Look for a leaf garland with complementary colors that you can easily twist to fill a vase. 

Ready to get started? For a video tutorial on how to create your own fall themed garland vase, click here.

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