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Why Anthuriums Make Great Holiday Gifts

December 11, 2018

If you’re still searching for gift ideas for the holidays, look no further because we have the perfect suggestion— anthuriums! Anthuriums, also known as the Flamingo Flower, are native to tropical regions and are part of a large family containing 1,000 species. These tropical plants are low-maintenance, long-lasting and can easily brighten up any room.

Here are a few reasons why anthuriums make great holiday gifts for your friends, family, and coworkers.

1. Anthuriums Have Vibrant Colors

Instead of exchanging poinsettias this year, give an anthurium! Like poinsettias, anthuriums are available in a vibrant red color with green foliage that is sure to put anyone in the holiday spirit. Anthuriums’ bright, glossy leaves add a pop of color to any room and make a great addition to your recipient’s home decor. Anthuriums can also be found in other colors, such as orange and pink.

2. Anthuriums Are Easy To Care For

On top of their beautiful color and waxy leaves, anthuriums are easy to care for. Anthuriums simply require a bright location to sit in and 6 ice cubes, or half a cup of water, each week. This tropical plant also enjoys a consistently warm and slightly more humid environment to thrive in. Talk about low maintenance!

With its easy care routine, even a novice plant owner can keep an anthurium reblooming throughout the year and for holidays to come.

3. They Have Long-Lasting Blooms

Anthuriums are known to be the world’s longest blooming plant. A healthy anthurium is constantly in bloom since each new leaf also forms a flower bud. Each individual flower can last for several months and has the potential for year-round blooming. With proper care, your holiday gift can remain a conversation piece for many months.

4. They’re Perfect For Any Holiday

Anthuriums are not only a great gift to give for Christmas, but they are fitting for other holidays. For example, a pink anthurium, or even a classic red plant, makes the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a loved one or close friend with its vibrant color and heart-shaped leaves, while an orange anthurium can liven up an area for Thanksgiving.

5. They’re Easy to Buy and Ship

Anthuriums are easy to buy and ship to anyone for the holidays. With just a few clicks you can choose the perfect plant for a friend or family member. You can browse our entire anthurium collection here.

Anthuriums are a great gift for all plant owners, from beginner to expert. Gift cards and socks can’t compare to this unique plant and the joy it will bring to whoever is lucky to receive one this holiday. Get ready to be known as the top gift giver amongst your friends and family. Buy an anthurium online today!