The Best Places to Keep Your Anthurium

The Best Places to Keep Your Anthurium

Known as the world’s longest flowering plant, anthuriums are as beautiful as they are easy to care for. However, even though the watering schedule for these low maintenance plants couldn’t be simpler—just six ice cubes once a week—determining where to keep your anthurium in your home can be a bit of a delicate balance. While anthuriums need lots of sunlight, they also thrive best under indirect lighting.

So, where should you display your anthurium in your home? Here are a few things to keep in mind as you decide.

Away from Pets and Children

First, let’s get one thing out of the way: anthuriums are toxic to both humans and animals, so one place you definitely don’t want to keep your anthurium is on the floor. The best spot is up and out of the reach of anyone who might mistakenly ingest the plant.

In Your Kitchen

Most kitchens tend to have good natural lighting, while also offering lots of counter space or shelf options. Pay attention to how the light acts in your kitchen throughout the course of the day and find a spot that stays well-lit without having the direct impact of the sun.

In an Office

A well-lit office space can also offer many great placement options for your anthurium. Whether it’s on a bookshelf or on your desk, just make sure your plant isn’t situated in the direct path of a vent or drafty doorway.

On a Mantle

Your living room mantle can also be a great spot for your anthurium. Not only will it be displayed prominently, but most mantles usually get just the right amount of indirect sunlight.

In the Bathroom

Since anthuriums are native to tropical climates, they thrive in humid locations, making your bathroom a potentially perfect place. However, since some bathrooms don’t receive much sunlight, make sure yours is bright enough to sustain your plant.

Regardless of where you decide to display your anthurium, just do your best to pay attention to the sun patterns in that space. As seasons change and days shorten, you’ll need to ensure your plant is still receiving enough light. Luckily, your anthurium will reward your efforts with long-lasting and beautiful blooms.

For more tips on how to care for your anthurium, download our free Anthurium Care Guide.

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