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5 Unique Ways To Decorate with Anthuriums This Spring

March 9, 2023

Wishing you could usher in the spring season with the quick flick of a magic wand? We hear you! Using indoor plants to create a springtime vibe indoors is a great 'muggle' alternative that will lift your mood and freshen up your space.  The anthurium's lush green and red leaves give your home a tropical feel while you wait for your outdoor plants to bloom.

5 Ways To Decorate With Anthuriums

With their bright, heart-shaped leaves, anthuriums add a bold pop of color complement nearly any decor.

1. Use Anthuriums As Table Centerpieces


The kitchen and dining area are the heart of many homes, so the anthurium will feel right at home as your table centerpiece. The central location will give your family and guests plenty of opportunities to admire this beautiful plant.

Want a simple way to dress up your anthurium for spring? Place it in a wicker basket for an instant makeover. As we get closer to Memorial Day and Independence Day, add a small flag and some patriotic ribbon and you’ll be ready for your summer barbecue!

2. Use Anthuriums As Patio Decor

After you've dusted off the patio furniture, add an anthurium to a hanging basket or place one in a plant stand to elevate your outdoor space. Make sure the outside temperature is consistently above 55 degrees Fahrenheit, including at night. Since anthuriums are tropical plants, they need a warmer environment than many outdoor plants.

3. Place Anthuriums On Your Kitchen Counter


Anthuriums thrive in indirect sunlight. While you’ll want to avoid placing them directly next to a window, they’ll be right at home in your kitchen. You can place them on your kitchen counter, island or a shelf. Because they’ll be right next to your sink and your freezer, you’ll never forget to water them!

Pro Tip: Anthuriums are easy to care for, but be sure to keep them away from fruit as the gas released during the ripening process can harm your plant.

4. Use Anthuriums As Bathroom Decor

2_4-Anthurium VDay

Anthuriums love humidity, so they’ll love your bathroom. Along with some candles and bath salts, anthuriums can help create the feel of a tropical spa. Place an anthurium on a shelf or tray on your bathroom vanity along with pebbles or shells to turn up the dial on the tropical vibe even more. 

Pro Tip: Choose a bathroom that has sufficient natural light.  Dim lighting can cause Anthurium flowers (Spathes) to lose their vibrant colors. 

5. Display Anthuriums In Your Home Office

Redecorating your home office? Anthuriums will (literally) breathe new life into your workspace. Natural air purifiers, anthurium leaves can eliminate harmful chemicals such as ammonia and formaldehyde.

Not only will you breathe easier, but you might also find new inspiration. In some cultures, the color red is associated with activity, energy and creativity, while green signifies growth and health.

Anthurium plant care is a (spring) breeze! Just place them in a bright location (but away from direct sunlight) and water them with six ice cubes once a week. With proper care, they’ll keep their blooms well into the summer!