6 Easy Easter Centerpiece Ideas

6 Easy Easter Centerpiece Ideas


With Easter just around the corner, you’re probably busy planning your menu for Sunday morning brunch. However, once you choose the food options, you’ll also need to think about how you’ll decorate your table.

If you’re having trouble coming up with festive décor ideas this year, don’t worry—you’ve come to the right place. Here are six easy Easter centerpiece ideas that are sure to wow your guests and get everyone in the holiday spirit.

1. Use Colorful Eggs

It wouldn’t be Easter without at least a few Easter eggs, so don’t be afraid to embrace the cliché and incorporate pastel-colored eggs in your centerpiece. Try filling a hurricane vase with colored store-bought eggs and play around with arrangements until you find a color combination that suits the rest of your décor. Or, if you’re feeling ambitious, you can paint your own eggs for a custom color arrangement.

2. Embrace Spring Flowers

With spring officially starting a week before Easter, now is the perfect time to welcome flowers back into your home. Remember, the most appealing floral centerpieces include an element of height and drama, so try mixing tall arrangements with votive candles or vice versa. Orchid decor can add elegance and intrigue to your table with its arching flowers and unique blooms. Plus, with so many colors to choose from, you can easily find a bright, springy variety to complete the look.

3. Go Natural with Greenery

As great as bright colors are, sometimes you want something a little more toned down and natural. Greenery is a great way to subtly decorate without going over the top. For instance, you can build your centerpiece around a small 5- or 8-inch money tree or bonsai to achieve that natural look, and then add gold or copper accents to complete your vision.

4. Get Clever with Candy

Easter candy is almost as synonymous with the holiday as Easter eggs, so it only makes sense to incorporate some of the classics into your centerpiece. You could line a glass vase with Peeps or fill various containers with brightly colored jellybeans. Not sure where to start? Check out this tutorial for inspiration. Your guests will enjoy the aesthetic and the extra treat.

5. Make Your Own Egg Tree

If you’re feeling crafty this Easter, break out your hot-glue gun and make your own Easter egg tree. Find inspiration and easy steps here for a festive finished product.

6. Bring on the Baskets

Since Easter baskets are likely to make an appearance at your gathering already, you may want to consider incorporating different-sized baskets into your table centerpiece. Whether you fill the baskets with flowers, eggs, Easter grass or chocolate bunnies, you can create an arrangement to suit the spirit of your event.

It doesn’t take much to craft a centerpiece that will impress your guests and bring your vision for a festive holiday meal to life. With these easy solutions, you’ll be more than ready for the Easter bunny’s arrival. 

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