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Indoor Plant Week: Get to Know Anthuriums, Orchids and Money Tree Plants

September 15, 2020

Happy National Indoor Plant Week! Typically celebrated in the third week of September, National Indoor Plant Week aims to promote and increase public awareness of the importance of plants in indoor spaces.

There are many benefits to building up your indoor houseplant collection, including air purification, stress reduction and increased happiness, to name a few.

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Indoor plant spotlight

We’d like to highlight three of our favorite indoor plants this week in the hopes that they’ll inspire you to create your very own indoor plant oasis.

Phalaenopsis orchids

indoor-plant-week-orchidsPhalaenopsis orchids are sometimes referred to as “moth” orchids. The word “Phalaenopsis” comes from the Latin word “phal,” which translates to “moth.” Carl Ludwig Blume, who gave Phalaenopsis orchids their name, supposedly chose it due to the moth resemblance.

Phalaenopsis orchids are great for first-time plant parents. They’re low-maintenance, have long-lasting blooms, don’t require tons of light, and they add a brilliant pop of color to any room. When properly maintained, orchids will continue to rebloom for years to come.

Here are more fun orchid facts.


9_4BuyAnthuriumAnthuriums, also known as flamingo flowers, have more than 1,000 different species. The word “anthurium” is Greek for tail flower, due to their unique leaf and spadix shape.

Another great choice for novice plant owners, anthuriums are low-maintenance and they rebloom all year. Their heart-shaped leaves symbolize hospitality, making them a great gift for party hosts.

Find more anthurium facts here.

Money Tree Plant

indoor-plant-week-money-treeKnown for their unique braided trunks, money tree plants are thought to bring good luck and prosperity to their owners. According to lore, a man prayed for money and became rich after growing several trees from one original tree, giving the money tree plant its name.

Practitioners of feng shui credit the money tree plant with creating positive energy in living spaces, making it the perfect addition to a home office or family room. Another low-maintenance plant, the money tree will continue to grow all year long, and some have been known to reach a height of 6 feet.

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Start Your Indoor Plant Collection Today

Indoor Plant Week is the perfect time to build up your houseplant arsenal. Have fun creating different looks and decorating with them in every room. It’s also a great time to send an indoor plant to a loved one who may be working from home more often! Just think of the smile a fresh plant will bring to their face.

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