Orchid Care Video: Orchid Reblooming Basics

Orchid Care Video: Orchid Reblooming Basics

It can be hard to watch when your orchid looks like it’s struggling to stay alive. There’s a good chance it is but, in all likelihood, it’s waiting for you to help it rebloom.

Our newest video shares six simple tips you can use to get your orchid to rebloom. Watch it to learn:

  • What color your orchid’s spikes should be.
  • The proper place to cut the stem.
  • The perfect spot in your home or office that generates maximum growth.

It’s one minute that will change your orchid-caring days forever.

And if you’re looking for even more orchid-care tips, download our guide: “Your Complete Care Guide For Every Stage of Orchid Life”.  You’ll get advice on encouraging reblooming and photos of what your orchid should look like at every stage of life. Download it today.

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