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Video: How To Repot An Orchid

July 30, 2019

Repotting is critical to your orchid’s health. It can keep your potting medium from breaking down and causing root rot. If you're wondering how to repot your orchid, check out our latest video for step-by-step instructions. 

When To Repot Your Orchid

It's recommended to repot every year or two to keep your orchid thriving and help it grow. Wait until your orchid is resting, or no longer in bloom, before you repot. 

You'll need just a few things: 

  • Potting media
  • Cinnamon
  • Ice
  • A new ceramic pot that's an inch or two larger than the current one

You can also get potting media and a new ceramic pot that's sized just right with our new Orchid Repotting Kit

How to Repot Your Orchid In 5 Easy Steps

Repotting your orchid is simple. To get your orchid ready for repotting, remove the clips and stakes from your orchid and cut the dead stem at the bottom node. Next:

  1. Trim the spikes, or cut one inch above the top node of a healthy spike
  2. Remove the orchid from the pot
  3. Trim any dying roots and sprinkle cinnamon on roots to prevent infection
  4. Place your orchid in a larger pot
  5. Add new potting media


That's it—you're done!

Want to make repotting your orchid even easier? Check out our new Orchid Repotting Kit! 

The kit contains everything you need to repot, including orchid potting media, clips, a 6-inch clear grower pot and a 6-inch ceramic pot.