Orchid and Chalkboard

2018 Spring decor trends

This spring, the latest Pantone colors add a
playful and dramatic touch to any living space.
Our new lookbook highlights these colors and offers tips for pairing
them with plants that usher in the arrival of spring.
Orchid and Chalkboard

2019 Spring decor trends

Let Your Creativity Be As Endless As the Ocean

This year’s Pantone color, Living Coral, pays tribute to the beauty of the ocean. It’s perfect for tropical plants and beach-themed decor, whether you want to use seashells and beach glass or more subtle wave patterns.

Just Add Paint

If you’re ready to make a dramatic change, consider painting an accent wall in Living Coral or refinishing a central piece of furniture, like a bookshelf or mantel.

Just Add Accents

Bright blues like turquoise or teal pair nicely with Living Coral. With potted plants in bold accent colors, you can almost hear the seagulls calling.

Reconnect With the World
Outside Your Window

Outdoor Living Space

Embrace Nature

This year’s spring and summer Pantone color palette also features the best of nature on land. Spring is the perfect time to bring the outdoors in with delicious colors like Blueberry Pancake, Carnival Glass and Powdered Sugar. Natural colors like Black Lava and Ancient Grain also bring a calming effect. 
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Keep Calm

Some cultures believe lava rock has calming or grounding energy because of its connection to the center of the earth. Using deep and grounding colors can help you feel calmer in your space and balance bright spring hues.

Stay Connected

There’s a reason we feel so refreshed after a trip to the ocean. Along with the restorative power of sunshine and water, natural elements like sand can have a similar effect on our spirit. Consider creating a beach-themed terrarium as a centerpiece for your spring decor.

Create An
Indoor Oasis

Orchid and Cactus

Bring The Outdoors In

Houseplants are small enough to fit any space and require little water, so they're incredibly easy to care for. Plus, they come in many colorful varieties, which makes them fun to collect as well!
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Add Depth

Deep blues like Blueberry Pancake also make enticing accents. Try adding a blanket or throw pillows in these shades.

But Look on the Lighter Side

Keep your decor in harmony by balancing deep shades with breezy ones like Carnival Glass. This color is perfect for candles, vases or polished stones—anything that naturally reflects light.

Sustainable Style Inside and Out

From paying tribute to coral reefs to pots made of natural elements, this year's decor trends are all promoting a healthy environment. They're also about promoting a healthier you. Research shows bringing plants and outdoor elements inside your home reduces stress and offers other health benefits like improving air quality.

Ready to transform your living space? Take the first step by choosing the right plants. 

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