Repotting Your Orchid

As a general rule, Just Add Ice® Orchids should be repotted every one to two years. The main reasons for repotting orchids are to replace the media the orchid is growing in, and if the orchid has outgrown its current container or if the media starts to smell unpleasant or pests are present.

When do I need to repot my orchid?:

Just Add Ice® Orchids should be repotted while they are in their resting phase every one to two years. The main reason to repot is to replace the media the orchid is growing in because it is decomposing and no longer provides adequate drainage. If you discover bugs or pests in your media, it is time to replace it with fresh new media. Repotting an orchid while in full bloom will most likely result in premature flower loss.

How do I select a new pot for my orchid?:

Step 2 Repotting

Just Add Ice® Orchids are grown in 5” or 2.5” diameter clear growing pots. If you are repotting your orchid because it has outgrown its current pot, select a new pot that is an inch larger in diameter. The best way to select a new pot is to choose the smallest container that the newly trimmed root mass will fit into comfortably. The shape of the pot doesn't matter; however, be sure that the new pot has proper drainage holes. Clay pots can be used for repotting as long as they have drainage holes, but we recommend clear plastic growing pots because they allow you to track the root development of an orchid. They also enable you to observe the color of the roots for watering purposes.

What type of media do I buy and where do I purchase it?:

Orchid media is made up of large particles, like bark chips and moss. When looking to purchase this media, be sure to look for a soil that specifically says for use with orchids. This can be purchased at retailers and garden centers that carry orchids and orchid supplies. Normal potting soil lacks proper drainage and airflow that is required for Just Add Ice Orchids.

How to repot your orchid:

Repotting an orchid is considerably different than repotting other house plants. To repot an orchid, you must:

Step 1 Repotting
  • Gently remove the plant from the original plastic pot and shake off remaining bark/media.
Step 2 Repotting
  • Select a new, slightly larger pot with drainage holes in the bottom.
Step 3 Repotting
  • Place plant into pot before adding bark.
Step 4 Repotting
  • After all roots are inside, add fresh potting bark around the sides.
Step 5 Repotting
  • Press the soil down gently, without using too much pressure.
Step 6 Repotting
  • Avoid large air pockets in the pot to keep your plant from drying out too quickly.
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