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Our premium Watercolor Orchids™ are classic Phalaenopsis orchids that have been dyed for an artistic touch. The orchids are dyed using a safe and natural patented method of injecting a specially formulated dye into the stem of the plants.

Watercolor Orchids™ come in many bright hues, from blue to orange to green and bright pink, and are as easy to care for as non-dyed orchids.

When this orchid reblooms, its flowers will be the color of the natural plant, and will not have color from the dye. These orchids are grown using the same sustainable and environmentally conscious methods as non-dyed and mini orchids.

Just Add Ice® Watercolor Orchids™ come in a decorative pot measuring 5.5” H x 5” top diameter x 3.5” bottom diameter. The plant stands 16”-30” tall.

Watercolor Watering

care instructions

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Water with 5 ice cubes or 1/3 cup of water once a week

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Place in a bright location but avoid direct sunlight

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Temperatures in the room should remain between 65°F to 85°F, never below 55°F. Avoid placing near drafts

Watercolor Orchid FAQ

Watercolor Orchids™ Your Questions Answered

They’re bright, intriguing and attention-grabbing. Dyed Watercolor Orchids™ can add an artistic touch to any decor, but they also come with their own host of questions.

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