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When you look at the soil your orchid is potted in, you probably have questions. It’s not commercial potting soil, it’s not mulch. What is it? Orchid soil is called media and is made up of large bark chips. You can purchase this special blend at any gardening or home improvement store.

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When do i fertilize my orchid?

Your orchid doesn’t need to be fertilized when it’s blooming. Once all the flowers have fallen off, you can give your orchid the nutrients it needs with fertilizer.

Non-flowering plants should be fertilized once a month with a 20-20-20 fertilizer diluted to half strength. Do not water your orchid during the weeks you use fertilizer.

Can I use fertilizer cubes?

While you can water your orchid with ice cubes, you should refrain from putting your fertilizer into cubes. These can be dangerous to children or pets who may accidentally ingest them.

How do i fertilize my orchid?

Step 1   Take your orchid out of its decorative pot and put it in the sink with the clear grower pot still on.

Step 2   Pour the fertilizer solution on the orchid until it starts to run out of the drainage holes

Step 3   Make sure all the extra water has drained from the pot

Step 4   Put your orchid back into its pot

Should I fertilize while my orchid is still blooming?

Your orchid does not require fertilizer while blooming; however, if your orchid has been enjoying the fertilizer regiment, then you can fertilize your orchid during the blooming period once a month. The most important aspect of fertilizing your Just Add Ice® orchid is not to over fertilize, as it requires very little fertilizer in order to flourish.

What type of soil do I buy?

Orchid soil is made up of large particles, like bark chips. When looking to purchase this soil, be sure to look for a soil that specifically says for use with orchids.

This can be purchased at retailers and garden centers that carry orchids and orchid supplies. Normal potting soil lacks proper drainage and airflow that is required for Just Add Ice® orchids.

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