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Mini Orchid Size Guide

mini phalaenopsis orchids at a glance

Mini Phalaenopsis orchids are the smallest size in our orchid portfolio. Like all of our Just Add Ice® orchids, miniature orchids are also easy to care for and bloom throughout the seasons. But because they’re smaller, they require less water.

Mini orchids can be used for party favors or to add a pop of color and elegance to your decor. Just Add Ice® mini orchids stand 6”-10” tall.

Just Add Ice® grows over 8 million orchids every year using sustainable and environmentally conscious methods.

Mini Watering

care instructions

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Water with 1 ice cube or 1.5 tablespoons of water once a week

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Place in a bright location but avoid direct sunlight

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Temperatures in the room should remain above 65°F. Avoid placing near drafts

Decorating with Mini Orchids

The Ultimate Guide toDecorating with Mini Orchids

Learn now to make the most of any space with mini orchids in our new ebook The Ultimate Guide to Decorating with Mini Orchids: For Your Home, Work and Events.

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