bromeliad plants at a glance

Native to tropical areas, bromeliads make excellent houseplants and add an exotic touch to your decor. They require little care, are easy to grow and produce long-lasting colorful leaf crowns.

There are more than 2,700 species of bromeliads. Producing both the Guzmania and Vriesea bromeliad species, our plants come in many colors. The plants feature rosettes of spiny, stiff leaves, and they thrive in consistent, warm indoor temperatures.

Our easy-care bromeliads come in a decorative pot measuring 5.5” H x 5” top diameter x 3.5” bottom diameter with the plant standing 15"-17" tall.

Water Bromeliad

care instructions

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Add water to the leaf cup (water tank), the center area created by overlapping leaves, each week.

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Place in a bright location but avoid direct sunlight

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Temperatures in the room should remain between 65°F to 85°F, never below 55°F. Avoid placing near drafts

Your Complete Care Guide to Bromeliad Care

Your Complete Care Guide toBromeliad Care

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color options

Red Vriesea
Red Guzmania
Orange Guzmania
Purple Guzmania
Yellow Vriesea