Green House

About our company

Grown and supplied by Green Circle Growers, one of the largest greenhouse operations in the United States, Just Add Ice® orchids are breathtaking decor for the home or workspace. Green Circle Growers has 33 acres of dedicated orchid production, making it the largest orchid producer in North America. Just Add Ice® orchids are grown in an environmentally friendly fashion, using highly efficient growing techniques, water conservation and a sustainable heat source.
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Green Circle Growers is a family-owned company in Oberlin, Ohio, established in 1968, that was recently ranked as a Top 10 Greenhouse with 108 acres of operating indoor growing space – according to Greenhouse Grower Magazine. In addition to growing over 8 million Just Add Ice® orchids each year, Green Circle Growers also produces other products with high value, easy-care characteristics, including anthuriums, bonsai, bromeliad and money trees.

Green Circle Growers is committed to introducing fresh new ideas to the marketplace while utilizing production methods that are efficient and environmentally conscious.

greenhouse innovation

Just Add Ice® orchids are not only beautiful and easy-to-grow; they are also produced with the most innovative orchid-growing technologies available today. That includes our state-of-the-art grading system to determine orchid quality, the only one of its kind in North America. The computerized system in our growing facility maximizes space efficiency, reduces labor expenses and guarantees quality. We are constantly testing new ways to ship our plants in small packages directly to homes. 

water conservation

All of the water used in the growing process is 100% recycled and reused. With drought concerns facing growers worldwide, rain water has become a vital irrigation source. Our retention ponds collect 1.5 million gallons of fresh water for every one inch of rainfall received.

sustainable practices

Using sustainable practices, we have reduced emissions by 90% and exceeded EPA standards by 95%. Our efforts to be more sustainable include using wood boilers to eliminate dependence on natural gas and reduce emissions.

eco-friendly containers

The entire supply of plastics and cardboards used in the production and distribution process are recycled, and efforts are constantly being made to provide our customers with eco-friendly containers as well as highly efficient distribution solutions.

naturally grown

We use natural biological controls for pest management in place of chemical pesticides. This is called "Integrated Pest Management", or the use of good bugs like frogs and spiders, to eliminate any pests. It is an effective and environmentally friendly approach to ensuring our plants stay healthy. We are also among the first to begin MPS ABC certification in the United States.

our customers love us

I am a novice orchid lover and Just Add Ice is an excellent company that not only grows a beautiful assortment of orchids to sell, but they stand behind their flowers in supporting new comers such as myself in helping with the many questions in understanding the care for their flowers. Anytime I have a question I will notify them online and I will get a quick response to my questions or reference from their excellent online informational videos. I also love their online watering reminder calendars which does come in handy in providing proper watering of them.
— Sharon Hill
I have always loved orchids but did not have luck in raising them. I had been listening to advice from friends, Internet, and newspaper articles, but I continued to kill my orchids. One day I bought a Just Add Ice Orchid, followed the instructions and it thrived. Since then I continue to water my 7 orchids with 3 ice cubes a week and they lived happily after.
— Maryann Drako

I LOVE these orchids. I have collected so many I've lost count! I was always afraid of them, thinking they were too hard to care for. I was wrong. Treat yourself, it will add beauty to your home and make you smile every time you look at them.”

— Debra Daugherty Sprague