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Orchids are the perfect addition to your store's offerings. They're easy and attractive to display, and their exotic nature makes them irresistible to your customers. If you want to draw attention to a point-of-sales display and delight your customers, selling our orchids is a great way to do it. 

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We make it easy for retailers to buy fresh flowers in bulk at a discounted price. 

With the flexibility of online ordering, you can have them shipped to your store in no time! To access our wholesale collection and begin placing orders, take a moment to apply below. 

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large retailers

Need a steady supply of fresh flowers in a high-volume store? We can handle bulk orders in a variety of colors and sizes just right for your customers. Our team will also work with your store to create custom orders and make adjustments as needed based on your sales and seasonal factors.

small business solutions

The Flower Shop in a Box™ comes in assorted color varieties with 2-3 assorted seasonal ceramics per case, making them perfect for small businesses or boutiques. They are easy to order online and come with free two-day shipping. In addition to making a splash in your store, they are a great gift item that's sure to sell!

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why sell Just Add Ice®

Just Add Ice® mini orchids sell six times faster than the average gift shop item and make an enticing addition to any display. They can be bundled with other items for cross-selling, and they couldn't be easier to set up and maintain. Learn more about the advantages of selling our orchids.
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custom retail solutions

Have questions about specific ordering needs? Contact us to learn more about our custom retail solutions. 

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