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reading your roots

Your orchid’s roots are like a crystal ball to its health. A look at the roots can tell you if your orchid is healthy and help you nip a potential problem in the bud (no pun intended).

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frequently asked questions

What does it mean if my roots are sticking out of the soil?
If you notice your orchid’s roots are sticking out of the soil, don’t worry. These are called air roots and they’re perfectly normal.
how should I drain the water in my pot?

If you decide to repot your orchid, make sure the new pot has holes for water drainage. These allow for the drainage of any excess water and prevents your orchid from becoming over-hydrated. Check the bottom of your pot periodically for extra water in the bottom. Pour out any sitting water to avoid root rot.

Is this a root or do I have a new flower spike?

It can be tricky to tell the difference between a root or a new flower spike. Here’s what you need to know. Flower spikes will grow between leaves and will be dark green. You’ll know one is forming if you see a root growing upward and the tips begin to look like a mitten.Roots will likely appear under leaves and will be light green.

Orchid Root Health Guide
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