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6 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day on April 22

Earth Day is a great day to celebrate our planet and its beauty!

What to Do When Your Anthurium Loses Flowers

It can be an alarming occurrence for any novice anthurium plant owner — suddenly, the once lush and beautiful heart-shaped leaves on your anthurium have started to wilt and die. Your first thought might be what you did wrong. Your second thought...

Orchid Colors: What They Symbolize and Their Meaning

For centuries, orchids have enchanted the human world with their exquisite beauty, exotic blooms, and vibrant colors. Each orchid color can convey emotions, cultural significance, and even hidden messages.

Orchids in Spring: Best Places to Keep Them & How to Care for Them

Spring is a pivotal time to add florals and color to your home. We’ve made it through winter, there’s more sunshine and it’s exciting to see some brightness around your space.

What You Need To Know About Your Orchid’s Roots

Your orchid's roots perform two functions critical for the successful growth of the plant. First, they hold your plant in place as it grows. Typically, in nature orchids live on tree branches high above the tropical forest floor and use their roots...

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Orchids for Easter: Decorating and Gifting

This is a great time to buy an orchid for yourself to use as a centerpiece for your Easter brunch or to give to your family and friends who are hosting! Whether it's yours or a gift, don’t worry if you don’t consider...

How to Get Your Orchid To Rebloom

If you own a Phalaenopsis orchid and all the blooms have fallen off, don’t panic! This does not mean your orchid is dead. You don’t need to ‘see’ anything happening for your orchid to still be growing and preparing to...

House Plants: Which Ones Are Pet Safe?

We know that you would never do something to intentionally hurt your pets, but one of the biggest mistakes pet owners make is not checking to see if their houseplants are safe and non-toxic for their furry friends. Even...