orchid health & anatomy

the beginner’s orchid

The Phalaenopsis orchid, often called the “beginner’s orchid”, or moth orchids, are one of the easiest orchids to take care of. Your Just Add Ice® orchid is part of the Orchidaceae family and is one of many varieties of Phalaenopsis hybrids.

Points on an orchid
  • Petals
  • sepal
  • column
  • Throat
  • Lip

orchid lifecycle

Now that you know the intricacies of your orchid, you might be wondering about when it blooms and rests. Phalaenopsis orchids usually bloom once a year.

In their native tropical environments, Phalaenopsis orchids will grow new leaves in the summer or early fall and sprout a new stalk in winter. Fresh new flowers will bloom in late winter or early spring.

Because Just Add Ice® orchids are grown year-round, our orchids can stay in bloom for two to three months if kept in the correct conditions.

What happens after your orchid has finished blooming?

Its flowers will wilt and fall off. When this happens, don’t worry, your orchid’s not dead, it’s just storing up energy to rebloom.

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Part of an orchid

orchid glossary

Your orchid has many parts and systems that help keep it healthy. Knowing where certain things are located on your plant can help you keep it beautiful. (Plus, you’ll get some useful plant knowledge to use at parties or during trivia.) Here’s a simple visual and some common anatomy terms to know:


The actual flowers once they are open.



The flower before it is opened.

orchid bud


The tiny, rounded, column-like extension between the two largest petals. This little guy is the central reproductive organ of the orchid flower.

orchid column


The flowering part of a plant.



A small plant growing from a node on the flower stem.


Located above the roots.

orchid leaves


The part of the flower that is almost completely divided from the rest of the flower, however, it is connected by the column. The lip is specialized to aid in pollination.

orchid lip


The material added to an orchid’s container, which can range from varieties such as soil to bark.



A distinct joint or notch on the flowering part of the plant where a secondary flower stem can emerge from after the plant has finished blooming.

orchid node


Located just below the leaves.

orchid roots


The outer segments on an orchid flower. Similar to petals, sepals are the three smaller segments of the flower that create a triangular shape.

orchid sepal


A flower stalk.

orchid stem


A wooden stick to support the orchid spike.


The inner portion of a tubular orchid lip, often quite colorful.

orchid throat

Every Stage of Orchid Life
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Thanks to their simple care routines, Phalaenopsis orchids can supply you with beautiful flowers for many months with minimal effort.

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