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Our plants are easy to care for with our simple Just Add Ice® approach.
Explore our variety of colorful options as a perfect addition to any interior space.
Classic Orchid

classic orchid

Like your favorite pair of shoes, classic orchids never go out of style! They make a striking addition to any decor and bloom for months.
Mini Orchid

mini orchid

The petite stature of our mini orchids make it an ideal size for party favors, gifts or table decorations. They are easy to care for like their taller counterparts but require less water.
Watercolor Orchid

watercolor orchid

Our watercolor orchids are dyed using a safe, patented method of injecting dye into the stem. They come in many bright hues, from blue, green, orange, purple and pink.
Waterfall Orchid

waterfall orchid

Featuring a cascade of blooms, our waterfall orchid adds an exotic flair to any space. And they're just as easy to care for as our other varieties.
3-Inch Orchid

3-inch orchid

Grown to be the mid-range height of our orchid collection, our 3-inch is perfect for kitchen counters and tables. With more blooms per stem, it brings abundant color to any space and is easy to maintain.
Orchid Planter

orchid planter

Make your display twice as nice with our double-orchid planter. It's the statement piece for your kitchen or dining room table. Available in the classic or mini sizes.

orchid size guide

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The world's longest blooming plant. This long-lasting and low-maintenance anthurium is sure to make your decor pop! It also makes a great gift for any occasion.


Bonsai trees have been a symbol of honor and prestige for well over 1,000 years. These long-lasting, tiny trees offer a realistic look of a tree in nature, and the ginseng roots give each plant a unique appearance. 


Native to tropical areas, bromeliads make excellent houseplants and add an exotic touch to your decor. They require little care, are easy to grow and produce long-lasting colorful leaf crowns. Bromeliads also come in many textures and colors.
Money Tree

money tree

Money trees are thought to bring good fortune to anyone who places it in their home or office. They are easy to care for and thrive in the indoor conditions of a home or office. 
Weeping Fig - Overview

weeping fig

The weeping fig is a miniature topiary tree with large, arching branches and long, tapered leaves. It's easy to care for and also helps to purify toxins from the air.

plant size guide

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