indoor bonsai trees at a glance

The Chinese practice of pun-sai, which used special techniques to grow small trees in special containers, made its way to Japan where bonsai trees were a symbol of honor and prestige. Now, the practice represents ancient beliefs and modern philosophies.

The goal of caring for a bonsai tree is to create a miniaturized, realistic look of a tree in nature. The ginseng roots give each plant a unique appearance.

These long-lasting tiny trees are simple to care for and can be used for decorative or recreational purposes.

Just Add Ice® bonsais come in a decorative pot. The bonsai measures 6" diameter with the plant standing 8"-12" tall.

Watering Bonsai

care instructions

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For a 6-inch bonsai, add 5 ice cubes or 1/2 cup of water once a week

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Place in a bright location but avoid direct sunlight

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Temperatures in the room should remain above 55°F. Avoid placing near drafts

How to Care for Your Bonsai

How to Care for YourBonsai

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White Orchid

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6 inch