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Commonly known as the Pachira plant, the money tree plant is thought to bring good fortune to anyone who places it in their home or office.

The trunk of the money tree is actually several trunks braided together. This is thought to symbolize the “locking in” of good fortune.

Just Add Ice® money tree plants come in a decorative pot. The money tree measures 5" diameter with the plant standing "14-18" tall.

Money Tree Watering

care instructions

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For a 5-inch money tree, water with 2 ice cubes or 3 TBSP of water once a week

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Place in a bright location but avoid direct sunlight

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Temperatures in the room should remain between 65°F to 85°F, never below 55°F. Avoid placing near drafts

How to Care for Your Money Tree Plant

How to Care for YourMoney Tree Plant

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