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Caring for Orchid Spikes

Once the last flower fades on your phalaenopsis orchid, you have a few options for your next steps.

Options After Blooming:

Step 1 Image

Take the wait and see approach; the Just Add Ice Orchid may produce new buds at the end of the old flower spike.

New Buds Example
Step 2 Image

Cut the flower spike back to a "node", a triangular shaped area on the stem, which may encourage the orchid to generate new side flower spikes.

Trim Orchid Stem Example
Step 3 Image

Remove the entire flower spike one inch from the base of the plant so that the Just Add Ice Orchid can put more energy back into the leaves and roots to help it grow stronger and produce a fresh new flower spike.

Remove Spike

Note: New flower buds will not form on an old orchid flower spike that has turned yellow or brown. If this happens, the entire spike should be removed. After flowering, the orchid should be fertilized monthly or as often as weekly with a houseplant fertilizer or balanced fertilizer (20-20-20) at half the recommended rate.

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