Reblooming Information

Phalaenopsis orchids go through a resting phase after blooming. This resting period typically lasts for six to nine months but may vary from plant to plant. Providing your orchid with quality care during its resting phase will help ensure that it blooms again!

How long will my orchid bloom? When will it re-bloom?:

Just Add Ice Orchids have a similar blooming period as other Phalaenopsis orchids. They typically stay in bloom from one to three months, and sometimes even longer! However, depending on the variety, age and the growing conditions, Just Add Ice Orchids may send up new flower spikes multiple times during the year or just once a year. Orchids in nature bloom in late winter or early spring. Your orchid may naturally fall back into this cycle so it may take longer for your plant to spike.

My orchid has finished blooming. What do I do now?:

Once all the flowers have faded, you have three options. You can take the wait and see approach, cut the flower spike back to a node, or remove the entire flower spike.

Why did my plant re-bloom with only one spike?:

Because growing conditions in your home are not as ideal as in a greenhouse, it is normal for a double spike plant to produce one spike when re-blooming. When your orchid produces a new leaf, it will most likely only produce one spike.

When should I clip and stake the new flower spike?:

Stem Trimming

The new flower spike will grow to be about the same height as the first spike your orchid grew. We recommend waiting until the spike has stopped growing before clipping it to the stake. From here, the buds will finish growing and bloom. When clipping the spike to the stake, do not force the spike where it doesn’t want to go because it may break. Simply move the stake to the better accommodate the spike.

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