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    Repotting Orchids

    As a general rule Just Add Ice Orchids should be repotted every one to two years.

    The main reasons for repotting orchids:

    • To replace the media the orchid is growing in. Over time the media starts to break down which creates a susceptible environment to root rot.
    • Repotting orchids is also necessary if the orchid has outgrown its current container or if the media starts to smell unpleasant.
    • Wait until the orchid is done blooming to repot.

    Follow these simple steps when repotting your Just Add Ice ORCHID:

    Step 1 Image

    Trim spikes. If your spikes are healthy and green, trim one inch above the top node. If the spikes have turned yellow or brown, trim one inch above the bottom node.

    Step 1 - Trim Spikes
    Step 2 Image

    Remove your orchid from the old container, removing any media that is attached to the roots.

    Step 2 - Remove From Container
    Step 3 Image

    Trim off any dead or dying roots, these roots will be brown and soft, as opposed to live roots which are firm and white (or green).

    Step 3 - Trim Dead or Dying Roots
    Step 4 Image

    Place the orchid plant into the new container so that the base of the lowest leaf is approximately a half inch below the rim or the same depth as the previous container.

    Step 4 - Place in New Container
    Step 5 Image

    Gently scatter the new media around the roots pressing it down lightly with your fingers, and then carefully tap the pot to settle the media. Continue to add media until it reaches the base of the lowest leaf.

    Step 5 - Gently Scatter New Media Around Roots
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