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Reblooming Guide

How To Trigger Orchid Reblooming

To promote reblooming of your orchid plant, try the following adjustments:

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Once your Just Add Ice® Orchid has finished flowering, fertilize at least once a month or once every other week. Purchase a balanced houseplant fertilizer and mix with water at ½ the recommended strength. When fertilizing, skip the 3 ice cubes that week and place your orchid in the sink with the drainage holes exposed. Water with the fertilizer solution until it starts to run out of the bottom of the pot.


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Temperature Adjustment

Move it to an area where the night time temperatures are slightly lower than their current environment, ideally between 55 to 65 degrees F. Just Add Ice® Orchids are very sensitive to temperature changes. Exposing your orchid to a cooler night time temperature for a month will help induce flowering.


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Light & Watering

Use the same amount of in-direct sunlight exposure as before and continue watering with 3 ice cubes once a week. Once a new orchid flower spike is identified, the orchid can be returned to its normal setting. You’ll know an orchid flower spike has formed when a root starts to grow upwards and the tip takes on the appearance of a mitten, as opposed to a root tip that is rounded. Your Just Add Ice® Orchid typically sends up a new flower spike once a year.

Light and Watering


Support Flower with a Stake

As the flower spike grows, support it with a stake along the way. To produce a beautiful display of flowers, avoid changing the plant's orientation to the light when it is producing its flowers. Otherwise, the flowers may be twisted on the stem and you may jeopardize a nice arching floral display.

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