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National Magazine Shows Converted Skeptic - Ice for Orchids? Yes.

October 26, 2009

Just Add Ice Orchids was featured in a blog by the Editor of the CEO & Entrepreneur™ Magazine blog this week. We especially love the title Ice On Orchids? Yes. One Converted Skeptic.

The Editor goes on to write about the ease of care and easy watering reminder tips found on our website, "(Yes, ice cubes.) Apparently, the demise of many plants, including orchids, is overwatering. Hmmm."

A quote from the Cleveland Botanical Garden's blog "The Garden Variety" was also featured in the article. Author Cynthia Druckenbrod writes in her article Should You Water Your Orchids with Ice?, "Phalaenopsis orchids are tropical! Do they get ice cold water on their roots in south-east Asian jungles where they originate? Hardly! So, why ice?"

She goes on to describe how the temperature consistency in consumers' homes makes ice a good idea for re-spiking, "What's the solution- ice? Why not? Cold, dripping water directly on the roots may just simulate the temperature drop that Phalaenopsis needs."

Thank you CEO & Entrepreneur™ Magazine and Cleveland Botantical Gardens for publishing a blog about our Just Add Ice Orchids!