Orchids Are Perfect Gifts for Hospital, Nursing Home Patients

Orchids Are Perfect Gifts for Hospital, Nursing Home Patients

Cheery, bright and green, flowers bring a breath of fresh air and natural beauty into any room. When someone you love is ill or recovering, giving them a bouquet of flowers sends a cheerful, hopeful message. Bringing a bit of the natural world indoors seems to have a soothing, calming effect on the human psyche. Perhaps that’s why flowers are the No. 1 get well gift.

The only problem with sending flowers as a get well gift is that they eventually die. An arrangement of fresh flowers will start to droop and turn brown after only a few days. The most delicate fresh flowers only last a day or two after being cut. Even hardy chrysanthemums, which are one of the longest-lived fresh flowers, start to dry out and turn brown after about a week. As cheerful and uplifting as an arrangement of fresh flowers can be, a vase of dead and dying blossoms is a sad and depressing sight; not exactly the message you want to convey when someone is ill.

Just Add Ice Orchids are the perfect solution. America’s favorite orchid, Phalaenopsis orchids have a gracefully arched stem that is lined with large, showy blossoms, the flowers swaying gently above the bed of bright green leaves that nestle around the base of the stem. Available in a wide range of gorgeous colors, Just Add Ice Orchids are a stunning get well gift guaranteed to brighten up a hospital or nursing home room and bring a smile to the face of your friend or family member. Best of all, Just Add Ice Orchids continue to bloom for up to three months, providing a long-lasting display of color and beauty.

Just Add Ice Orchids also take up little counter space and need minimal care, a plus in busy, crowded hospital and nursing home rooms.