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How to Care for Mini Phalaenopsis Orchids

September 21, 2012

Cute as can be mini orchids have captivated orchid fanciers with their tiny blossoms and slender stems. A fraction of the size of their full-grown cousins, mini Phals make a charming addition to any Phalaenopsis orchid collection. 

Difference between Minis and Full Phals 

Because they require the same growing conditions as full-size plants, mini Phalaenopsis orchids can be successfully grouped and displayed with full-size orchids. They even make a nice addition to the same pot of a larger orchid if there is room. 

New mini orchid owners will notice that the biggest difference between mini and full-size Phalaenopsis orchids is one of quantity. Because minis are usually sold in smaller pots, sometimes two inches in diameter, they require considerably less of everything: less growing media, less fertilizer and less water. For example, the watering recommendation for a full-size Just Add Ice Orchid is three ice cubes once a week. A mini requires only a single ice cube weekly. 

Mini’s Moss 

When buying mini Phals, look for healthy root growth. Most growers will sell minis in pots planted with sphagnum moss. Not only does this make an attractive presentation, but the moss retains just the right amount of water for these tiny plants as they travel to your home. Pine bark mulch is just simply too large and bulky for these small and delicate orchids. 

Watch our orchid care video tips on repotting Phalaenopsis orchids if you would like to add a mini to an existing pot or to move it into a larger pot when it has grown.

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