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How to Repot Mini Orchids

September 24, 2012

Repotting Mini OrchidsTo repot miniature Phalaenopsis orchids, use the same repotting procedure recommended for full-size Phals. Phalaenopsis orchids should be planted in a loose, chunky growing media that promotes fast drainage and allows air circulation around the plant’s roots (available at home and garden stores) to thrive. However, as mentioned in our previous post, many mini orchids will be planted in sphagnum moss and you can continue to use moss as your potting medium for these small delicate orchids as bark is simply too large for their smaller pots. When repotting orchids, whether they’re mini or full phals, be sure to select a pot with holes to promote drainage of the potting medium. 

Follow these steps to repot any size Phalaenopsis orchid – mini or full-size: 

  1. Follow directions specified on the orchid potting medium bag.
  2. Unless your mini has been incorrectly potted, repot orchids after they have finished blooming.
  3. Trim the plant spike one inch above the top node if the spike is still green and healthy; one inch above the bottom node if the spike has turned yellow or brown.
  4. Carefully remove the orchid from its container and remove old media from the roots.
  5. Trim off brown, soft or damaged roots.
  6. Place the orchid in its new container at the same depth as before.
  7. Place new media around the roots, firming lightly with your fingers. Add media until it reaches the base of the lowest leaf. 

For more tips on orchid repotting, follow these step-by-step instructions.