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Green Technology in Action at Just Add Ice Orchids Facility

December 5, 2012

orchid growing techniquesJust Add Ice Orchids are not only beautiful and easy-to-grow; they are also produced with the most environmentally-friendly orchid-growing technologies available today. We use a highly advanced and sustainable growing facility, and growing methods that minimize the use of energy and water, pollution, and waste.

Here are some interesting facts about our green technology: 

  • By using energy-efficient lights and curtains, and radiant heat in our orchid growing facility, we have managed to cut consumption of fuel energy by about 50%.
  • The energy-efficient lights in our facility collectively cover an area that is approximately equal to the size of 27 football fields.
  • We use a wood boiler system for heating our orchid range, and this has helped us to reduce emissions from oil fuel and natural gas by 90%.
  • We have invested more than $20 million in particulate removal technology, which is 95% more than the requirement imposed by the EPA.
  • Most of our retail finished pots are produced with vacuum-formed technologies instead of injection-molded plastics, resulting in more than 35% reduction in plastic consumption.
  • By re-using about 1.5 million plug trays annually, we are able to reduce waste by nearly 1 million pounds, which is the combined weight of four blue whales.
  • Our environmentally-friendly integrated pest management system has enabled us to reduce the use of liquid pesticides by about 50%.
  • We use fully self-contained irrigation and runoff control systems to prevent waste water from contaminating the local water supply and damaging natural habitat.
  • For every inch of rainfall, our retention ponds collect about 1.5 million gallons of water, which can fill 2½ Olympic-sized swimming pools.
  • There are approximately 28 million gallons of water in our retention ponds at any time. This amount of water is about three times the amount of water found in the Georgia Aquarium, the largest aquarium in the United States.

Discover more about our green technology here or watch one of our Greenhouse Videos