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Famous Orchid Collections in the United States

January 14, 2013

orchid collectionsIt is great to be orchid lovers in the United States, because we have access to some of the finest orchid collections in the world. These collections feature an extensive variety of orchids from around the world, and they offer a most delightful and unforgettable experience for all nature lovers.

Here are five of the best orchid collections in the US:

  1. United States Botanic Garden Orchid Collection 

The orchid collection at the US Botanic Garden consists of nearly 5,000 orchid plants, including endangered orchids such as the paphiopedilum vietnamese, paphiopedilum victoria-regina, and cymbidium sinense. These orchids are displayed all year round in the conservatory, garden court, and the world desert areas. 

  1. Smithsonian Orchid Collection 

Since it began in 1974, the orchid collection at the Smithsonian Gardens has grown from just five plants to almost 10,000 plants. It includes New World Genera such as epidendrum, cattleya, laelia, encyclia, brassavola, and isochilus; Asian and Australian species such as bulbophyllum and dendrobium; phalaenopsis species and hybrids; and many others. 

  1. Nani Mau Gardens Orchid Collection 

Nani Mau Gardens is home to the largest orchid collection on Hawaii island. Its orchid collection comprises of more than 2,300 orchids, which include species such as phalaenopsis, paphiopedilum, oncidium, cattleya, and others. These orchids can be found in the orchid display area and throughout the garden. 

  1. Missouri Botanical Garden Orchid Collection 

There are approximately 7,000 orchid plants on display in the Missouri Botanical Garden. These orchids represent about 280 genera, with the most extensive being paphiopedilum, laelia, oncidium, cattleya, and encyclia. 

  1. Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Orchid Collection 

The orchid collection at the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens is one of the finest in the South. There are over 6,000 living orchids in the garden, many of which were collected directly from tropical rainforests around the world. 

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