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The Growing Trend of Using Orchids in Weddings

January 23, 2013

wedding orchidsOrchids are fabulous plants that can add a touch of exoticness and mystery to any occasion. They are auspicious flowers that symbolize beauty, refinement, and timelessness, and therefore, they are ideal for use in weddings. Orchids can be used in many ways in a wedding, ranging from orchid bridal bouquets to reception centerpieces.

Center of Attention

The refreshing appearance of orchids makes them excellent flowers to display on reception tables. They can be displayed in a vase on their own or in combination with other flowers, or they can be cut from their stems and left to float on water in a wide shallow vase. Wedding guests will surely feel a sense of warmth and serenity when they see these wonderful flowers on the reception tables.

Beautiful Accents

Orchids also make great decorative pieces throughout the wedding venue. They can be displayed at the entrance or on various props throughout the venue. Many wedding florists like to use orchids in flower arrangements, whether as the focal point or complementing flowers. Due to their exotic nature, orchids are especially suitable for tropical-themed weddings or outdoor weddings.

Many brides choose to incorporate orchids in their bridal bouquets. The stunning colors of orchids will accentuate the beauty of the wedding gown and make the bride look more dazzling on the most important day of her life. Some people believe that the spots on orchids represent the blood of Christ, and using orchids in a wedding will bring blessings to the couple. Orchids can also be used in corsages and small bouquets that are given out to guests at the end of a wedding.

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