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Premier Lifestyle Magazine: Orchids help make your room bloom

January 26, 2010

Now that the lights and bulbs are coming down, some of your rooms may feel bare. Here is an affordable way to turn up the color volume for your décor throughout the home.

A recent article in AY, Arkansas Premier Lifestyle Magazine recommends adding medium to smaller sized houseplants to soften the mood of a room to “fill in bare areas and add a colorful accent.”

Phalaenopsis orchids can add a vibrant color to any room in your home, and although “once considered exotic and hard to grow, varieties such as Just Add Ice moth orchids take the guesswork out of caring for these beautiful plants.” Orchid care has never been easier!

Remember, for best practices on arranging the look of your room; follow AY’s advice, “when grouping several plants together, select those with contrasting foliage and textures, such as broad and waxy leaves next to fine and feathery foliage to create interesting compositions.”

To make sure that your multicolored inspiration matches well with your current décor, have a friend or neighbor participate in the project with you. Share ideas and buy your orchids together, once you are done, do not forget to take pictures for our customer photo gallery.